Exhilarating in a trailblazing exposition of fashion, Carnaval emerged as a thrilling extravaganza, marking night one of Color of Fashion. Founded by fashion industry pioneers Alicia Myers and Samantha Joseph, Color of Fashion stood as a beacon of sophistication, catapulting into its third season with groundbreaking innovation. Going beyond the runway by giving back to the community, the spectacular event was produced in collaboration with Matthew Morris Salon and Skincare as a benefit for the Matthew Morris Scholarship Fund

Guests arrived at a red carpet reception at the iconic Elitch Gardens amusement park, as the sweet scent of cotton candy infused the air. The cocktail party was booming, bartenders generously poured drinks, while cotton candy machines served up delightful sugary confections. A delectable buffet of light refreshments contributed to the festive atmosphere, as fashion goers connected, soaking up the nostalgic atmosphere.

It was a once-in-a-lifetime treat as the normally bustling theme park stood serene, delivering an exclusive experience as attendees explored the fairgrounds. As guests made their way to the runway, a revolving carousel offered a whimsical joyride, a playful prelude to the fashion spectacle.

The runway was a breathtaking sight, a fun-sized downtown main street intersected through the central plaza of the park, runway seating lining the miniature storefronts. Flashing lights and colors lit the night sky as the towering Ferris wheel created a sensational backdrop. The sparkling skyscraper cast a dreamy glow onto the candy-painted playground, a maze of roller coasters twisting and turning into the horizon.

The show began as four remarkable collections graced the runway, each adding to the mystique and wonder of the evening. Each brand name prominently featured in capital letters on banners suspended from lamp posts along the street.







Opening the show with a glistening collection, Utierre submerged the audience into an ethereal underwater realm. Models graced the runway adorned in shimmering fabrics crisscrossing the body in unique silhouettes. Nymph-like models exuded an otherworldly charm, reminiscent of fairy mermaids emerging gracefully from beneath the water.

Unique elongated buckles fastened bikini pieces together, revealing just enough to tantalize the imagination while maintaining a delicate balance of modesty. Utierre successfully wove an enchanting narrative, leaving an indelible mark on the enthralled audience.

Menez to Society took the runway by storm with sleek sophistication, presenting a monochromatic collection that exuded class and simplicity. Long, sharp triangular cuts moved swiftly like vampires, creating a haunting aura of humble grandeur. Triple belted harnesses incorporated luxury with subtle undertones of sensuality. Menez to Society skillfully crafted a narrative that left the audience in awe of their seamless mastery.

Evoking a mysterious presence, Soid Studios NY unveiled a captivating fusion of New York glam and western punk aesthetics. Leather pieces adorned with spikes were complemented by uniquely shaped mohawks, commanding attention with razor-sharp silhouettes. Infusing a dramatic flair, warriors featured futuristic vestments as if going into battle, cloaked in shadowy forms. The magnificent collection presented a captivating blend of intrigue and rugged punk allure.

The finale showcased a collaboration between three distinctive fashion brands, Friskmegood, Art of Hanna Jane, and Sprayground, a dynamic union that brought together diverse elements of fashion expertise. Ingeniously reconstructing familiar symbols into unfamiliar silhouettes, Friskmegood created first-of-their-kind avant-garde corsets re-engineered from deconstructed sneakers. In cohesion, Art of Hanna Jane introduced a spectrum of denim shades in a range of skeletal jeans. Each piece was etched with intricate details in a remarkable blend of artistry and fashion.

Further accentuating the ensemble, Sprayground unveiled a selection of luxury bags, inspired by street culture and travel fashion. Teddy bear backpacks added an over-the-top touch as models swaggered down the runway. Demonstrating an innovative synergy, the collaborative presentation between three diverse brands resulted in a collection that pushed creative boundaries, introducing an unprecedented perspective on the runway.

Roaring applause marked the successful conclusion of the evening as the models, designers, and production members, all walked the runway, waving as the audience erupted into a standing ovation. Successfully combining a nostalgic allure with the glamor of haute couture, Color of Fashion created a mesmerizing evening that blended innovation, sophistication, and community impact. Leaving a lasting impression, Carnaval manifested as a fashion extravaganza that transcended the ordinary.